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Customer FAQ

1.Can I come for a visit?
You are welcome to visit our factory, Runxi office and showroom!
You can look and talk with any factories directly! Please contact our reception and we will help you to make a schedule.

Complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, Runxi make sure the raw material, production process and final products are environmental friendly.

Runxi do not use any child , prisoner and forced labor in the manufacture of any of our products.

4.How a sample required?
A sample can be ready within one week. You need pay the sample and freight cost, we will share the cost in your first order.

5.Do you accept LCL small order?
Yes ! We take small order as initially trial order. We can help you combine multiple goods mix to one shipment.

6.What's your regular payment term?
L/C or TT in advance. Though we can discuss payment terms after we build trust each other.

7.Can you offer exclusive sale right?
Yes ! For those customers:
Who cooperate with us to develop new item under their original design or innovative idea;
Who trust us to manufacture their patented products,
Who order big quantity and require the exclusive sale right in his market;
Runxi spare no effort to respect their exclusive sale right, as we are well aware that protect the market for our customers is also guard our own credit and benefit.

8.Is price changed frequently?
Knows price changing harms business, we make all efforts to keep price in a long period. Normally our price can be kept in 6 month. We seek many methods to absorb cost change like stored plenty material every year and locked exchange rate with our bank.

9.How is price quoted?
Price is the king! We worked hard years to get the best deal for you and our lower margin principle ensure the unbeatable offer ! Our price analyse system will check out all the material cost and labor cost on the item.
You will find there is no unfair prices from CBM and you can even require the cost analyse list for any price quoted.process and final products are environmental friendly.

10.How is quality controlled?
Quality is the key ! Our QC team and engineer team works through all the process from an order placed to shipped. Our goods normally offers a two-years warranty ! Replacement spare parts are on hand for lifetime !

11.What's Runxi's Ethical Business Practices?
Win-win : to win together !
We strives to develop long-term relationship with our clients.One order or one year is not our goal.We would be awarded after our clients getting success at market !

From our years experience , many our clients worked with us as partner. We pay most attention to keep our customers' trust in us. Confidential or proprietary information is shared only inside company on a need-to-know basis.

12.Why choose Runxi?
With the development of Internet, it becoming all too easy for individuals to set up in business at home with no product knowledge or interest in customer care.
Runxi is different:
1.Products : Runxi carries wide product range and continually develop the newest items in market.
2.Price : Runxi gets the right prices in China by cost analyse system and years source experience.
3.Quality:Our in-house bi-lingual QC and Engineer teams work with our factories every day.
4.Service : Our customer-centric service dedicate to complete customer satisfaction.
Communication : We communicate with factories effectively (in Chinese) and communicate with our clients efficiently (in English).Avoid the confusion of dealing with too many factories that don’t understand you well ! Most important , our staff have adequate knowledge of what they are selling!
5.Finance : We are financially strong and give you full support.

13.What's 'Runxi's Code of conduct?
"Efficient ,Innovation and Effective " .
The mission of CBM is to identify, qualify and offer the best product China —— the newest product that with best quality, cost and service .


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